dB Podcast Episode 9 - James Ostergren - American/Kiwi Winemaker

Description: James Ostergren spent his childhood on the shores of Long Beach Island, New Jersey and studied in Boston, Massachusetts.  But his family roots in New Zealand drew him to Aotearoawhere he began his career in winemaking.  After winemaking stints in the USA and at some of New Zealand’s most prestigious wineries, James is now at Mission Estate Winery, New Zealand’s oldest production.

James and I met when I saw him wearing a ‘Phillies’ cap (a rare site in New Zealand) at a wine tasting at the Eastern Institute of Technology.  It was great to speak with someone else from that part of the world who ended up in Hawke’s Bay.  James’ love for surfing and the beautiful beaches of New Zealand have made living and making wine in Hawke’s Bay a beautiful life for him and his family.

Original post: 7th of July 2012