Vintage Stories - Episode 37 - Warren Gibson

Vintage Stories - Episode 37 - Warren Gibson (pictured with wife and partner in wine, Lorraine Leheny)

Vintage Stories - Episode 37 - Warren Gibson (pictured with wife and partner in wine, Lorraine Leheny)

Warren Gibson has established himself in a unique class of winemakers throughout the world.  His work in the last 20 years at Trinity Hill and with his own brands, Bilancia and La Colina, has been exceptional to say the least.  His knowledge of and experience in Hawkes Bay, the Gimblett Gravels and the wine producing world at large is a unique story that we only scratched the surface of in this interview.  

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Vintage Stories - Episode 36 - Ollie Powrie

Ollie Powrie became Company Viticulturist for one of the world's premiere wineries, Villa Maria, after returning to Hawkes Bay in 2006.  His international work, travels and experience through France and Vietnam particularly, inspired him to return to New Zealand and be apart of an exciting time in the industry.  Ollie's passion for growing fine wine grapes has been met with open arms with Villa Maria where they specialise in single vineyard expressions of top quality NZ wine.  His work and experience in the Gimblett Gravels Wine Growing District™ has been especially gratifying in watching one of the world's most unique appellations become one of the world's most highly regarded.

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Vintage Stories - Episode 35 - Tony Bish

Tony Bish founded one of New Zealand's iconic wine brands with his mates at Sacred Hill.  It's a great story that has led him to now establish his own brand.  His new project is in a unique scope that is like nothing else that has been attempted before in New Zealand.  His focus is on the Chardonnay varietal, with different vineyard sites, treatments and vessels, including the use of patented NZ concrete eggs.  

Tony's wines and more information can be found at

Isosceles hand pick inspection.jpeg

Vintage Stories - Episode 34 - Rod Easthope

Rod Easthope has made wines for some of the world's top producers in France, Italy, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  He has recently established his own family brand, Easthope Family Winegrowers with his wife, Emma and their three sons.   The vineyard has been established in a new region along the banks of the Ngaruroro River in the Mangatahi district of Hawkes Bay.

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Vintage Stories - Episode 33 - Yvonne Lorkin

Yvonne Lorkin is a writer, television host and business owner.  Her weekly column can be found sydicated throughout NZ's major newspaper publications.  Her television show 'Thirsty Work' airs regularly on TV NZ 3 in New Zealand, in the USA on the Travel Channel and can be sourced through her website 

Yvonne's recent initiative through aims to match the NZ drinker with some of the country's top wineries by measuring your palate against the plethora of wines her and her team sample each year.  

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dB Podcast Episode 31 - Helen Masters - NZ Winemaker - Ata Rangi

After a storied career of producing great wines for producers throughout New Zealand and the United States, Helen Masters finds herself back where it all began at Ata Rangi Martinborough.  At the groundbreaking and legendary NZ winery she is the chief winemaker where they produce some of the world's greatest Pinot Noir.  Her involvement with the Family of Twelve, New Zealand Wine Growers and many other organisations has led her to champion next year's world renown 'Pinot 2017' hosted in Wellington, NZ.  

Helen-Masters---Ata-Rangi-med-gallery-img-2015-10-27-02-58-32 (1).jpg

dB Podcast Episode 28 - Bryce Edmonds - Winemaker

Bryce Edmonds is a winemaker and his family owns a vineyard in the Bridge Pa Triangle of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  He produces wines from the family vineyard under his newly formed 'Zaria' label.  He currently works for Beach House Wines in Hawkes Bay.  He has lived, worked and studied throughout New Zealand, California, Czech Republic and Australia.

db Podcast Episode 24 - Malcolm Reeves - Winemaker, Scientist of Food and Beverage, NZ Pioneer

Malcolm Reeves has a career spanning five decades in the food and beverage industry.  He is one of the pioneers of New Zealand wine having established its first academic programmes and study.  He established his own winery, Crossroads, which he later sold but not before creating one of New Zealand's iconic red blends, The Talisman.  He has also worked in a variety of food and beverage production and research and is a consultant for a few Chinese Wineries.

dB Podcast Episode 17 - Tegan Passalacqua - Napa Winemaker and Vineyard Owner

Tegan Passalacqua is the Winemaker and Vineyard Manager at the historic Turley Wine Cellars.  Tegan is also the proud owner of the Kierchenmann Vineyard, growing old vines, the right way.  He has worked for some of the world’s most prestigious productions in France and New Zealand.   . 

My conversation with Tegan provided some very memorable quotes and moments that I will never forget.  Having worked and traveled through some of the same places, I was moved by his passion and opinions.  I look forward to speaking with him again soon.

Original post date: 1st December 2012